Incubating and Training of High-quality Cultural Enterprise

Having founded a publishing convergence industry alliance with other over 200 Chinese large publishing organizations, DCG incubates high-quality cultural enterprise with Chinese large publishing institutions and listed companies in the form of alliance. DCG has explored a development model of resource enabling—capital promoting—incubating&training. Based on exploring high-quality cultural enterprise, DCG helps the enterprise to develop rapidly and take shape by means of enabling methods such as resource sharing, capital promoting and so on. Up to now, DCG has incubated more than 100 high-quality cultural enterprises in China.

Aiming at the global, now DCG hopes to find some high-quality publishing enterprise in global to promote their rapid development with the methods of capital backing, resource sharing and so on for creating a win-win situation.

Financial Supporting of Publishing

DCG has a over 200 billion USD publishing cultural industry fund outside the company with the union of state cultural industry fund and social capital, which is mainly used for investing the incubation of the high-quality cultural enterprises, acquiring the high-quality object of cultural creative industry chain, buying out the usufruct of the online added-value service relevant to paper book and so on. DCG aims at the promotion of development of the whole industry chain of publishing through leveraging the outside capital. In 2017, the fund made a CNY 300,000,000 yuan investment in China and obtained good profits.

In 2018, the fund will go abroad for providing the capital channel for more foreign publishing houses, expanding their market in China and improving their whole economic returns to realizing the win-win goal.